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Be a Founding Member of Our Community-Building Team!

Your Voice is the Cornerstone of Our Health Equity Movement.

Diverse voices lead to stronger solutions and better outcomes! At PEP!IN, we are extending a heartfelt invitation to individuals from all communities with a unique call to action for people of color to be the architects of a new, equitable engagement paradigm. Your experience, challenges, and insights are the blueprint for social impact and change.

We're not just building a community—we're co-creating a sanctuary of support and innovation for maternal health equity. As a founding member, you will have the unique opportunity to lay the first stones of a foundation set on trust, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Here's how you will contribute and benefit:

  • Foundational Community Creation: It's about constructing it together. Your participation from the very beginning and throughout the process will ensure that our community is built on diverse pillars.

  • Exclusive Founding Membership: As a co-creator, you'll have unparalleled access to shape the resources, dialogue, and direction of our health equity mission.

  • Groundbreaking Clinical Engagement: Be one of the first to influence PEP!IN's solutions to help reshape healthcare for underserved communities.

  • Maternal Health Advocacy Reimagined: Our passion for maternal health is boundless, but our knowledge is magnified by your personal and professional experiences. We urgently seek to unite with those involved in all aspects of maternal health—individuals preparing for pregnancy, those currently pregnant, caregivers, medical and health professionals, organizational leaders, partners, and anyone confronting health inequalities.

Your collaboration as a founding member is not just a contribution; it's a statement that healthcare equity cannot wait. It's an affirmation that only through a mosaic of voices can the narrative of maternal health be fully told and improved.

We stand ready to welcome you to the genesis of a healthcare revolution. Your involvement is critical to our shared success.


Join us in this momentous journey to transform clinical research and maternal health equity.

Share Your Insights or Request a Meeting.

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