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 Transforming Healthcare and Clinical Research: Partnering with Sponsors for Tomorrow's Change

At PEP!IN, we are more than just a support system; we are your dedicated ally in advancing clinical research. Our commitment to inclusivity, equity, and excellence extends to Sponsors' vital role in shaping the healthcare landscape. We understand that Sponsors need tailored solutions that align with their mission and objectives. 

Driven By Diversity

We recognize the transformative power of diversity. As a company led by individuals from diverse backgrounds, we bring a unique perspective to the industry. We are committed to helping sponsors embrace diversity in clinical research, from trial design to patient engagement. 

Patient-Centric Focus

We firmly believe that every clinical trial should be rooted in the experiences and needs of patients. Our patient-centric approach ensures that sponsors prioritize the well-being and perspectives of trial participants. 

Regulatory Expertise

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complex. Our consultants can provide guidance on developing robust regulatory strategies and assist in preparing and submitting regulatory documents for approvals. 

We join hands with Sponsors to illuminate a path forward toward inclusive healthcare innovation.

Inclusive Clinical Trial Recruitment, Development, & Consulting

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): Integrate DEIB principles seamlessly into every phase of your trial, promoting inclusivity at every turn.

  • Site Feasibility: Leverage our network and research expertise to help your team to pinpoint suitable trial sites, particularly those serving diverse patient communities. 

  • Trial Design & Protocol: Gain insights to design trials that resonate with underrepresented populations, ensuring inclusivity from the outset. 

  • Quality & Compliance: Work with us to ensure ethical and inclusive trial conduct, with a focus on diversity and equity.

  • Incentive Strategy Consultation & Design: Collaborate with us to develop tailored incentive strategies for your clinical trials. We'll help you determine and identify effective incentives and partnerships to drive participant engagement and retention, particularly in underrepresented communities.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Study Review

  • IRB & IBC Review: We can work alongside you in partnership to help you to navigate the review process, emphasizing diversity and equity considerations for approvals.

  • Data Monitoring Committee Consulting, Evaluation, & Identification: With our support, we can work with you to assemble diverse and highly qualified committees for impartial evaluations. 

Enrollment & Retention

  • Participant Identification: Our strategies help you identify a diverse participant pool, driving inclusivity in your trials.

  • Participant Recruitment & Retention: Tailored approaches engage underrepresented groups effectively, improving retention rates.

  • Site Augmentation: We connect sites with diverse resources, strengthening inclusivity at every level.

  • Study Advertising Design & Execution: Our customized advertising strategies, design, and deployment initiatives are meticulously crafted to reach and engage diverse communities, ensuring broad participation.

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