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We Are Transforming Clinical Research Through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
and Belonging

by Empowering Health Equity, One Solution at a Time

People Empowering People for Inclusion Now! (PEP!IN) specializes in providing Research, Recruiting, and Technology Solutions, with a strong focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in healthcare and clinical research. PEP!IN is designed to deliver comprehensive resources, inspiration, and empowering content. We want to equip individuals, particularly those marginalized and excluded from decision-making processes, with the tools to make informed choices. The exclamation mark in PEP!IN symbolizes our unwavering commitment and urgency in promoting inclusivity and empowerment, as we understand that our well-being and future depend on it. 

Our Journey To PEP!IN:
Embracing Diversity, Forging Unity

In a world where differences often divide, we found strength in our unique backgrounds and experiences, coming together to create something extraordinary – PEP!IN. Our journey begins with a shared belief: that every individual, regardless of their background, holds the power to make a positive impact. It's a belief rooted in our personal stories.

Melva, an accomplished healthcare leader and Outcomes Research Scientist, began her quest to find evidence to explain why so many people of color had poor outcomes. The solutions would not just come from books or articles but from the richness of experiences and expressions of those who suffered the most. Growing up in a nurturing, faith-filled environment in Washington, DC, she saw value in diverse communities far beyond what you could read. She believed the power resided within the heart of the community, and this was the driving force that shifted paradigms and revealed the essence of truth. She strives to get to that truth!

Tamara grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a community teeming with resilience and spirit but facing its share of health disparities. She has experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating a healthcare system that doesn't always hear her voice or meet her needs. Growing up, she witnessed the struggles of her late cousin, who battled muscular dystrophy, and those of her cousin's close friends, who were also dealing with challenging medical conditions, and it left an imprint on her life that still stands today. This exposure to adversity at a young age, along with her own experiences navigating the challenges of accessing affordable and competent healthcare as a small business owner, set the stage for her commitment to addressing issues impacting underrepresented people. 

Our paths, although distinct, converged on a shared vision – a vision of a world where everyone's unique journey was recognized, valued, and empowered. We realized that by harnessing our diverse skills, backgrounds, and perspectives, we could bring about positive change and impact. 

PEP!IN was born from this unity. It's a company fueled by evidence-driven tools, research, and relationships that empower individuals and communities to make better decisions, to see the possibilities, and to think beyond the constraints. We understand that eliminating health disparities may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but it's a challenge we're determined to tackle together.

Our Visionary Leaders

Melva 2_edited_edited.png

Co-Founder/Managing Director 

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C Anderson_ACE RAC_edited_edited.png

Cheryl Beal Anderson, PharmD, MBA

Regulatory Advisor

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Jeannine Cain, MSDA, MSHI, RHIA, CPHI

Healthcare/Data Analytics Advisor

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Mike Campbell

Security & Data Science Advisor

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Seanna Thompson, MD, MBA, FACS, FACOG, CPE, DABOM

Medical Advisor

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Co-Founder/Chief Visionary Marketing Officer

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Gina Kaur, MBA

Finance Advisor

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Roxane Malene, Esq.

Legal/Compliance Advisor

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Amar Brisco - no background.png

Amar Brisco

Scrum Master,

Technology and Accessibility Advisor

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Our Advisors

Our Diverse Backgrounds
Have Become Our Strength

Our diverse backgrounds have become our strength, each contributing a unique piece to the puzzle. We've learned that what we don't have, someone else might, and together, we can build pathways to achieve what seems unachievable. It's a journey underpinned by one common factor – belief. We believe nothing is impossible for those who believe in themselves and the collective power of change.

As we embark on this journey with PEP!IN, we invite you to join us. Together, we can create a world where disparities in racial, ethnic, and socially-based outcomes are not just reduced but eliminated. It's a journey of empowerment, of believing in the innate capacity of individuals and communities to rise above challenges. Just like that curious little girl who once dismantled a ballerina doll to understand what made it spin, we're taking apart the traditional notions of healthcare and clinical research to build a better, more inclusive future. 


Welcome to PEP!IN, where diversity is our strength, and unity is our path to progress!

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