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Empowered Communities

  • We build community trust.

  • We empower diverse communities.

  • We provide resources and education.

  • We promote equity, inclusivity, and belonging 

Ensuring The Voices of People Are Never Forgotten

So That More Lives Are Changed And Saved

We believe empowering communities is essential to promoting inclusivity and diversity in healthcare and medical research. That’s why we customize our services to the needs of the people and communities we serve. What that means is PEP!IN meets people where they are and how they need it. We create safe spaces for all people to learn, connect, convene, and get involved, in-person or digitally. We do this by working closely with patient advocacy groups, community health organizations, and other groups to build trusted relationships and provide resources and education that empower diverse communities to participate in shaping the future of healthcare. Our diversity-based recruitment services ensure that everyone has equal access to clinical research studies, and our integrated support strategies help to ensure that participants feel supported and informed throughout the process.

Our Services

These Services Are Tailored To Address Your Needs

  • Community-Based Organizations/Non-Profits 

  • Patients/Patient Advocacy Organizations

  • Biopharmaceutical Companies

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Research Institutions

  • Study Coordinators and Research Site Staff

  • Remote Monitoring and Technology Providers

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