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Advancing Inclusive Clinical Research Together: PEP!IN and CROs in Partnership

At PEP!IN, our unwavering dedication lies in partnering with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to forge a path toward clinical triumph. Our commitment to inclusivity, equity, and excellence acknowledges the pivotal role CROs play in shaping the clinical research landscape. We not only recognize but embrace the unique challenges and opportunities that both CROs encounter in their daily endeavors.

With a deep understanding of the multifaceted clinical research ecosystem, we've designed empowering solutions that serve as your compass in navigating this intricate terrain. Our comprehensive approach covers every facet, from innovative recruitment strategies to state-of-the-art technology solutions. We're not just your partners but your dedicated allies, standing resolutely by your side on the journey to advancing clinical research.

Our services span the entire spectrum, from pioneering research support to strategic recruitment, from expert consulting to developing cutting-edge technology solutions. We exist to empower you to deliver clinical excellence.

Join us in this collaborative venture. Together, we can push the boundaries of clinical research, break down barriers, and redefine what's possible. PEP!IN is here to empower CROs because your success is the heartbeat of progress in clinical research.

Guiding our every initiative, we stand by our commitment to empower and champion CROs. Together, we amplify the voices of the people, making them the essential force behind transformative healthcare advancements.

Strategic Research Support

  • Comprehensive and Patient-Centric Study Design: We can assist you with developing a tailored protocol development to ensure that your clinical trials are efficient, diverse, and designed with equitable access and patient convenience in mind.

  • Data Management: Our team can help you to make sense of your data and support you with data collection, management, and analysis services.

  • Regulatory Expertise: Our consultants and partners can support you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape to ensure compliance. 

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Innovative Recruitment & Engagement Strategies

  • Diverse Participant Pools: We can help you to gain access to diverse and hard-to-reach patient populations.

  • Patient-Centric Engagement: We can work with you to develop customized strategies to enhance participant retention, personalized care, health literacy, empowered decision-making, accessibility, and satisfaction.

  • Real-World Evidence (RWE): We believe in leveraging and gathering RWE for more efficient and effective recruitment. 

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

  • Diverse Trial Populations: PEP!IN specializes in strategies that improve diversity in clinical trial enrollment. We believe in helping CROs from the start of their process to help you broaden your research and be inclusive.

  • Cultural Competency Training: We work with you to enhance cross-cultural communications and participant engagement, fostering inclusivity throughout your trials.

  • Equitable Access: We're committed to ensuring equal access to clinical trial opportunities for all, promoting inclusivity and diversity in healthcare research. 

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Site Enablement

  • Site Start-Up: Our support can help you to expedite site launches that better ensure inclusivity is a priority from day one.

  • Coverage Analysis: We work to guarantee equitable access to your trials, leaving no one behind.

  • Financial Management: Count on our support to develop financial strategies that underpin diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles, fostering inclusivity.

  • Site Resources and Incentives Let us help you identify and connect to valuable resources that enhance inclusion at your site and support you in helping your team align the proper incentives to the needs of prospective participants.

  • Study Advertising Plan Development: We can help you develop an advertising strategy tailored to reach and resonate with diverse participant pools, ensuring maximum engagement.

What Makes Us Great Partners?

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We Simply Like To Do Things Differently!

Patient-Centric Approach: Our approach revolves around learning, building trust, and caring about the well-being of trial participants to ensure effective recruitment, higher retention rates, and evidence-based outcomes.


Inclusion Advocates: We're passionate advocates for inclusion in clinical research, facilitating the right access to more diverse participant pools.


Iterative, Participant-Driven, and Inclusive Cutting-Edge Technology: We're building advanced technology solutions that align with the needs of the people and not just based on what we believe to be true, including AI-driven analytics to revolutionize trial management and decision-making.


Strategic Partnerships: We believe in fostering strong sponsor-CRO and community partnerships with innovative and cost-effective strategic models that align recruitment, incentives, and retention.


Regulatory Expertise: Our team, advisors, and partners deeply understand evolving regulations to ensure better compliance and minimize risks.

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