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You Will Always Be The Heart of PEP!IN

Where You're Empowered, Your Voice Echoes, and Your Presence Amplifies.

Stepping into the world of clinical trials might seem daunting, but we promise you that you're in a space where your voice, your story, and your heritage matter. We're not just another clinical trial recruitment company or member registry. This is the People Empowering People for Inclusion Network (PEP!IN)—together with you, we're working to carve out a space of passion, persistence, and sheer will to bring representation front and center. You're not just a 'participant' here; you're a trailblazer and our partner in changing the landscape of the industry. 

Diving into Clinical Trials with PEP!IN

So, What's a Clinical Trial Anyway, and How Does It Work?

At its core, a clinical trial is our community's step forward in healthcare. The testing of new, innovative medications, therapies, and medical devices must be safe, effective, and of high quality for the ones who will use them. It’s where tradition meets innovation, ensuring the advancements resonate with our unique health needs and narratives.

Breaking Down The Clinical Trial Process


The Foundation

Every study should begin with a Diversity Plan. It’s like a recipe passed down through generations but with a twist. We outline what we are aiming to discover, steps needed to be taken, people who should be involved, and the markers of success.


Knowledge & Empowerment

When the results are available to the public, we are able to reflect on the experience and understand the implications for different communities


Community Watch

We are interested in your experience. After the study is over and your participation ends, we would like to continue this journey with you to better understand your experience. Others may be able to learn too.


Gathering Insights

When the results are available to the public, we are able to reflect on the experience and understand the implications for different communities


Community Call

Here's where our community's strength shines. We seek out individuals fitting specific criteria, ready to stand at the forefront of this transformative journey. It's about representation, ensuring our voices and experiences are at the core.


Navigating Clinical Trial Phases

Here are the stages of the process in which you may be involved:

  • Phase 1: Starting out, focusing on safety and finding the right balance.

  • Phase 2: Digging deeper—how effective is this treatment, and what are its side effects?

  • Phase 3: Broadening our scope—understanding its broader impact on populations and comparing it with existing treatments.

  • Phase 4: The long view—how does it fare over time once it's out in our communities?


Elevating Our Voices

When things align, this new treatment steps into the spotlight, championed by healthcare leaders and ready to make a difference.

Getting Started

Prescreening & Eligibility

Before enrolling into a trial, we assess if it's the right match for you. This step ensures your awareness of the requirements  and the trial's relevance to your health profile.

Knowledge is Power

Informed Consent

Your understanding is paramount. We'll provide a overview of the trial--including potential benefits, risks, and your responsibilities. You'll have sufficient information needed to make an informed choice.

The Heartbeat of Progress

Trial Participation & Monitoring

This is where you contribute directly to medical advancement. Through treatments, check-ins, and observations, you'll be an active participant in shaping the future of healthcare.

Closing the Chapter

Completion & Continuation

Once the trial with the Sponsor concludes, we are here to continue the conversation and  discuss any questions or issues relating to your experience. Your opinion matters and is essential to us – We want to hear it from you.

Why Stand With Us?

  • Advancing Equity In Medicine: Your participation doesn't just advance medicine —it reshapes it with voices long overlooked.

  • Claiming Our Space: It's more than just access to treatments; It's about claiming our rightful space in medical narratives and helping to save our lives. 

  • A Ripple In Community: By stepping up, you set a precedent. You tell the world that we're here, we matter, and won't be sidelined.

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