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Diversity in Clinical Trials
Not Only Matters, It Is Imperative

At PEPIN, recruitment isn't merely an operational step—it's a mission-driven commitment. We deeply understand the importance of diversity, trust, and representation in clinical research. Our recruitment ethos goes beyond conventional paradigms; we actively seek to bridge the representation gap, ensuring that the voices of underrepresented and underserved communities resonate within the world of clinical trials. By integrating a customized and decentralized approach, we connect passionate participants with pivotal research, crafting a path toward impactful healthcare outcomes. With PEPIN, you aren't just joining a trial; you're becoming part of a transformative movement that champions authenticity, trust, and genuine change.

Our Recruitment Solutions focus on increasing diversity and representation in clinical trials. We recognize the significance of inclusive research and work diligently to connect study sponsors with a diverse pool of potential participants who reflect the broader population. We are committed to bridging the gap between researchers and communities, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Deloitte Insights

"Asian, Black, and Hispanic respondents were nearly twice as likely as white respondents to have never heard of a clinical trial."
Lesser, N., Anderson, D., Younossi, A., Overman, J., & Chang, C. (2022, October 4). Broadening clinical trial participation to improve health equity. Deloitte Insights.

Pew Research

"Majorities of Black (59%) and Hispanic adults (58%) say clinical trials are very important, as do slightly larger shares of White (67%) and English-speaking Asian adults (66%)."
Spencer, A., & Funk, C. (2022, November 29). How Black and Hispanic Americans view clinical trials. Pew Research Center.

"Black patients account for just 5% of clinical trial participants in the United States, while White patients make up the vast majority."
Boyle, P. (2021, August 20). Clinical trials seek to fix their lack of racial mix. AAMCNews.

Inclusive Recruitment Strategies

Tailored Outreach Campaigns

Community Partnership Development

Multi-lingual Support Services

Community Engagement and Outreach

Inclusivity and Diversity-Centered Approaches

Drawing on Glass
Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Participant-Centric Recruitment Tools

Decentralized Recruitment Platforms

Virtual Pre-Screening Processes

Educational Material Distribution

Targeted Participant Recruitment Campaigns

Targeted Recruitment

Recruitment Strategy Assessment and Optimization

Participant Retention and Long-term Engagement Plans

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