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Olivia Thompson,
Co-Founder, Technology Advisor

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Olivia is a Chicago native who loves every side of the Second City, with over 25 years of technology operations and leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies. She's inspired by the unmatched culinary, theatre, and architectural scenes that can only be found in Chicago. However, Olivia recognizes that amidst these vibrant cultural offerings, there are persisting issues like violence and healthcare inequities that demand attention.

"I Am Passionate About Bridging Healthcare Gaps with Technology."

I love the unmatched culinary, theatre, and architecture scenes only found in Chicago. It is disheartening that the violence and healthcare inequities are sensationalized versus the game-changing impact of local community leadership taking up the charge of early education and health equity.

My passion lies in developing technology to bridge the healthcare services gap in underrepresented communities by presenting real-time mental and healthcare service options. I believe that technology can be a powerful tool to address these disparities and provide timely support to those who need it most.

When I am not developing and securing software, I love to run, read, play softball, cook, and listen to music.


If you're serious about being an active participant in addressing the issues surrounding maternal health and morbidity and the lack of diversity in clinical trials. Let's connect.

Olivia Thompson

Co-Founder/Technology Advisor

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