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We understand the importance of evidence-based insight and strive to empower researchers with the tools needed to support scientific research and real-world evidence that improve health outcomes.  

Your pathway to diversity and inclusion in clinical research begins first with the research participant in mind and ends with reducing preventable disparities in outcomes. Therefore, we start with conducting research and data analysis that is community-driven and get to the heart of what matters in communities that may have been excluded or marginalized. This authentically builds trust and transparency that can be translated into research approaches and interventions to reduce barriers and facilitate the implementation of more effective research protocol designs and execution strategies.  

Research and Data Translation

Evidence Review and Summaries 


Needs Assessment and Feasibility Studies 


Program Evaluation 


Customized Information Gathering Surveys 


Technical and Data Analyses 


Scientific and Grant Writing 

Business Meeting

Diversity Planning and Engagement 

Strategic planning based on population assessments and protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria


Development of KPIs and ROI measures for diverse communities 


Development and Management of Patient Advisory Boards 


Recruit and Train Community Ambassadors 


Build community capacity for research feedback and engagement 


Liaison with advocates, providers and community centers 


Implement targeted early adopter programs for study execution 

Protocol Development, Study Design and Site Training 

Apply learnings from insight, process and barriers to protocol development and recruitment 

Sponsor user-friendly communications for screening, site engagement and follow-up  


Provide patient-centric input into protocol design and study management 


Educate and train site on diversity recruitment and retention KPIs and ROI measure data capture  

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