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We Are People Empowering People For Inclusion Now!  

Together we empower people, communities, and researchers to achieve more health equity in clinical research. 

By employing a customized, integrated, and decentralized approach, we aim to deliver impactful healthcare outcomes not just for a select few. People Empowering People For Inclusion Now (PEP!IN) means we stand at the crossroads of innovation, trust, and inclusion. With PEP!IN, it's not just about research—it's about redefining trust and authenticity in clinical trials and research partnerships. As an African-American women-owned and led research, recruitment, and technology solutions firm, we've set our sights on revolutionizing the clinical research, recruitment, and engagement landscape. Our commitment extends beyond traditional paradigms; we are unwavering in our dedication to fostering empowered communities, forging meaningful partnerships, and developing robust data systems that reflect the diversity and richness of our society with focus and intention.

We Stand At The Crossroads

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"We are on a relentless pursuit to empower individuals and communities by breaking down barriers that hinder inclusivity in healthcare and medical research. We strongly believe that we can create a future where every voice is heard, every experience is valued, and every life is enriched through equitable and inclusive access to quality healthcare and transformative research."  

Melva T. Covington, MPH, MBA, PhD

Co-Founder, Managing Director (PEP!IN)

Our Mission

PEP!IN's mission is to empower individuals and communities to be active participants in shaping the future of healthcare and medical research through the lens of inclusion and an integrated approach to engagement in clinical research now and in the future.

Our Vision

We envision a future where medical research and healthcare systems are accessible to underrepresented populations. We use an inclusive approach reflecting health equity and input from those most impacted by promoting a collaborative environment with greater transparency, inclusivity, and innovation in clinical research.

Who are we

For Participants, Partners, CROs, & Sponsors, 
We Offer:

A Diversity Centered Approach

We center our strategies around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), community, and educating diverse participant and leadership populations. Our commitment to reaching diverse populations drives the promotion of equity, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity across every step of the clinical research journey.

Holistic Solutions

Unlike traditional research consulting, we merge life science research expertise with engagement and AI/ML digital solutions to offer a holistic approach. This covers various engagement aspects of clinical research recruitment, participant education, resource sharing, and community building. These elements are the glue between research, engagement, and technology.

Innovative Tech Integration

Our innovative approach leverages the power of data analytics and predictive modeling to streamline processes, amplify participant engagement, enhance health outcomes, and boost overall research success rates. We blend technological expertise with real-world DEIB solutions. 

Personalized Empowerment 

Our solutions tailor educational resources, clinical trial recommendations, and engagement strategies based on individual profiles and preferences. We prioritize autonomy and empowerment in the decision-making and pull-through processes.

Jones N, Marks R, et al. Census Illuminates Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Country. U.S. Census Bureau

"In 2020, the overall population was 61.6% White, 18.7% Hispanic, 12.4% Black, and 6% Asian. However, 75% of clinical trial participants for approved molecular entities and therapeutic biologics in were White, while only 11% were Hispanic, 8% were Black, and 6% were Asian."

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